Beep beep – HONK HONK


One of the disappointing features of the Pajero Sport is the horn. I’m not saying it’s just this vehicle, my last 4×4 was the same, a crappy horn. The first time I used it my wife laughed… beep beep. Yeah I had to agree with her, it sounded like it belonged on a Kia and not an 4×4.

A quick search online and I was off to purchase a new air horn. I wanted something compact as I knew I wouldn’t have much room where I wanted to fit it. Turns out I had to move it later on so that I could fit the winch in also.

I went with the 139dB Stebel Nautilus Compact RED Car Air Horn  which came with the wiring kit for $54.40. This horn also has an adapter so that despite mounting it at the front of the vehicle you can run a small hose to the air intake to ensure it does not get affected by water should you, spend a lot of time crossing water hazards and 4wding.


It was quite easy to fit, simply remove the existing 2 factory horns, run power from the battery into the relay and hook up the existing wire (one) from the factory horn into the relay and then plug the horn in. Find a suitable location mount the horn, and test.

The horn comes with instructions in the box and with the supplied wiring harness and relay, it is really quite easy to fit. No more than 1 hour and a lot of that was just pulling the front grill out to get to the horns.

Another easy modification completed.


One thought on “Beep beep – HONK HONK

  1. Thank you for this write up. Done the same now, made a bar up and took it up higher level with the rad away from water more.


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