A/T Tyres

Factory Highway or all terrains tyres?

If you are like me, you want the best of both worlds. A good tyre on road and a good tyre off road.

What I also wanted was a height increase and therefore I opted for not only an A/T but also a bigger A/T.

My Pajero Sport comes standard with Toyo A32 open Country 265/60/R18. I must say I did take the vehicle off road with these tyres and they were terrible. Not only did they get cut up but that had no grip whatsoever.

I changed them to Falken’s Wildpeak A/T 275/65/R18 which is not only a more suitable tyre but also gave me a height increase of just under 20mm. That does not sound like much but anything is better than nothing.

I have since done about 5000 km all I can say is I am happy with these tyres and their performance on and off road.

Compared to the factory tyres the new ones look like monsters!

Purchase from Tyrepower at Geebung for $300.00 a tyre fitted and balanced.


  1. Hi Ric, i have a 2017 PS and thinking of fitting 275/65/18 BFGoodrich T/A KO2 on it.
    I wanted to know if I can fit a 275/65/18 spare if i have the genuine Mitsubishi towbar?
    Cheers mate


    1. Hey mate. I have been unable to fit my 275/65/18 as my spare. I do have a HR towbar, though from memory there isn’t much more room with the OEM towbar. I think others have tried to jam a larger tyre up there but it does not sit all the way up and therefor could be damaged easily and is only really secured by a small chain. A friend not mine did the same on a Ford Ranger and the chain snapped on the beach. I run my spare 275/65/18 on my trailer And my factory size tyre still on the vehicle for emergency use only.


    1. Adding on mods will always affect fuel so I can’t say by how much the tyres would have, as I did quite a lot of modes pretty quickly. They rub on full lock so yes. Turning circle is a bit wider but not much. They rub now as much as they did pre lift. Hope that helps..


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