The Purchase

October 2016 – After deciding on purchasing a Pajero Sport I looked around and went to a few dealers. New or Second hand.. that was the question. I could Purchase a base model for the same price of a top model with a few Km’s on the clock..

The first Dealer (just North of Brisbane), I went to have a look at a used black Exceed. I’ve always wanted a black vehicle however this was not meant to be. After being passed around dealers, eventually I took it for a test drive being baby sat by the dealer. What really disappointed me was every second question I asked the dealer, he did not know the answer. I believe that if you are going to sell something you should at least know your product. Cutting to the chase I pulled up some other similar vehicles on Car Sales and put an offer to the dealer. He was quick to stand his ground and did not want to move on price which if i recall was around the $47k mark with about 18000km on the clock.

The next day I drove even further north to Mitsubishi Morayfield where they had a Exceed advertised for $43,880 with 16k on the clock. I walked in and the dealer said take your pick we have 3. White, Silver and Titanium Grey, they virtually chucked me the keys and said see you in an hour. No baby sitting needed. I took the vehicle for a long drive, walked back in and signed the contract. There was no stuffing around, it was just simple and straight forward. I do need to mention they also purchased (not traded) my old vehicle a 2012 Nissan Navara.

Vehicle details:

2015 Pajero Sport Exceed (top model) Titanium Grey

Speedometer: 16350km

Purchase Price $43,880 (no extras, all standard)

Vehicle History: Ex Corporate lease vehicle for Hertz and just had its first service.

This was the beginning of an adventure, not only for me but for my family. We love to 4wd and road trip as you will see.

4 thoughts on “The Purchase

  1. G’day again,
    I’ve just started sorting storage for our Sport, along the lines of your work. The first problem was the third row of seats; do I build over them or remove them? Neither solution looks great.
    Did you have the same issue, and what route did you choose?


    1. Geoff, my exceed was only 5 seats so I did not have the same problem. Generally people remove the 3rd row of seats, make a false floor and then make your storage on top of that.


  2. Hey mate, great page. One question- Does your model Exceed have auto emergency braking? If so, was it difficult to find a bull bar that met compliance? This is my current issue, I ended up with an MY18 GLS. The factory (compliant) accessory bullbar is rubbish. There really aren’t a lot of mod options on the market.
    I had the same experience at the dealership. I knew far more about the engine and model variants than the salesman.



    1. Hi. Yes. The exceed has all the bells and whistles including auto breaking. There is nearly every make of bull bar available for the Pajero sport and most of them are exceed compatible. The only modification I had to do was cut holes for the head light washers, but I think they are in most bars for the sport. When I first got my sport then were new and I had to make it all up, these days there are a lot of after market acessories….


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